Wednesday, May 11, 2011

free download : full site created with adobe flex sdk flashdevelop or flashbuilder and inkscape

 i create this site recently
this a real demo
link for download
you have inside .rar full site created with flex sdk (flashdevelop ide)
gallery xml
cool images loader
skining created with fxg and skin class i use inskape with extention fxg exporter
cool animation
and all is open source and free
 file architictre :
in root folder (gallery) you must see file gallery.xml and assets stock of images
the folder sitew is the root folder of flex projects : inside src folder you have a main.mxml main file for start application and all file and folder require for costum skin
inside bin folder you must see .swf result and index.html
inside lib folder you have a .conf for configuration of application

i ready create a tut for custom skin go to link :

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